Should I Use An Eye Cream With Vitamin C?


Should I Use an Eye Cream With Vitamin C?

The difference between the various products that contain these ingredients is the concentrations of each that are used. The first substance you should look for in a top eye cream is Eyeliss(TM). It's particularly known to clear up dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. The reason it's so effective is that it addresses the main causes of these effects- fluid build-up caused by poor drainage and fragile capillaries as well as a decrease in skin elasticity. Clinical studies have shown that 65% of people that use a product with a high concentration of Eyeliss(TM) experience a marked reduction in bags and dark circles after just 28 days. That's fast!

Another common ingredient found in the best top eye creams is Halyoxl(TM). It also helps clear up bags and dark circles, but it does so by thickening the skin, boosting circulation, and removing excess hemoglobin deposits (which is what creates the dark black/blue color under the eyes). If you can find a top eye cream that contains both of these ingredients in HIGH CONCENTRATIONS, then you'll most likely be very pleased with the results you experience. However, there is one breakthrough new ingredient that is just becoming popular that adds a certain element to anti-aging creams and lotions that no other products contain. This ingredient is called CynergyTK(TM).

Why is CynergyTK(TM) so special? It's the first ingredient of its kind that actually stimulates the NATURAL production of both collagen and elastin protein. With more of these proteins in your skin, it becomes much more firm and elastic- eliminating wrinkles and many of the other common aging signs that develop as you get older. It's estimated that 46% of all people will suffer from skin tags in one form or another. Although certain people and certain skin types are more susceptible to develop these skin growths, in theory, anyone can get them. Whether you get them or not is really not up to you. What is, however, is how you get rid of it and choosing the right skin tag remover is absolutely critical since not all of them will work equally well for everyone.

Skin tag removers come in many different forms. The majority of pharmaceutical products are chemicals that are designed to "burn off" the tag - thereby killing it. The downside of most of these products is that they can leave scars, can damage healthy skin and often times they don't remove the tag permanently as it does not kill it deep enough to remove it permanently. The most popular methods to get rid of tags is with surgery. Although it is the most popular solution it is also the most expensive and on most skin types it leaves scars. A doctor will basically cut the tag out or burn it off with a laser or with liquid nitrogen. It can be painful, but it is the only way to get rid of it instantly.


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